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Posted :: 6:13pm, Wed, Oct 17, 2007     Subject :: Eve Online Ship Pricing Tool

    I just happened to accidentally stumble upon this tool while trying to google the cost of a Scorp from work. Oops, the text grid doesnt DD.

The point i wanted to make is that I've been recently thinking of developing just such a tool. Now im assuming you're inputting the prices by hand all by yourself.
Maybe you wouldn't mind some help. I would like to assist you with the project, and it seems like you coded everything here yourself.

My feeling is that if you can get a good number of people to help you keep the prices up-to-date galaxy wide than the Eve-Online forums would probably sticky the tool,
and help us support it further. Maybe even give us a plug-in to help link to the in game DB price listings.

I myself am a programmer specializing in .NET development.

[[sidenote - the forums does not allow anon posting, it proceeds to ask you to input a Username even when one is given]]

Posted :: 10:03pm, Thu, Oct 18, 2007

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    Its an experimental tool, in that it works, but is not entirely finished.
I wrote it when I was just going nuts with tool creation and as such its value could be discussed.

CCP will never allow any in-game to out of game link of the market, costs and volumes as it would diminish the game.
The only alternative is to manually enter all the prices, flying around to each region.

I have developed some personal problems that might make it impossible for me to play EVE much longer. My motivation to do so has weakened because of this aswell. My maintainance of the tools are therefor lacking.

Anonymous posting was due to a bug, I have now fixed it.


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