Gateways to other Worlds

Home of the IRC bot "EnergyMech", which ofcourse was made principally by me. The website is also of my design tho currently it is being hosted elsewhere.

Encyclopedia, for the people by the people. Probably not the most accurate encyclopedia, but by far the funniest one. I learned a lot of useless little facts here Im sure.

Mozilla Project
If you are still using MicroNut Internet Exploder you surely need to go here and get a semi-sane web-browser (FireFox). Btw, Did you know that "MicroSoft" in swedish ("pyttemjuk") basically translates to "very small pillow-kind of soft thing".

News for nerds, stuff that matters. All kinds of scientific, computer, software, and computer-legal kind of news. Try to tell your friends the URL over the phone... http slash slash slash dot dot org!

I found cover images for my movie collection here.

State of The Art [YouTube]
Made by the demo group 'Spaceballs', this Amiga demo was one of the most influential/significant of all time.