razorcompressor.jpg (50Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
This is an actual screenshot where the compressor was destroyed
with just one shot of the razor. The aim has not been moved.
Normally it takes a few shots with the right aim to destroy it.
Beware of defenders since nowadays its common to guard the
deck to catch people who hammerjump.

You can also toss grenades (rocketlauncher) down the holes to
destroy the compressor.

razorcompr2.jpg (30Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
With a bit of practise you can also destroy the compressor with
a few well-aimed razor shots from here. Note that this position
makes you extremely vulnerable to incoming defender fire...

Combo time:

hammertodeck.jpg (41Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Hammer up to the deck instead of going past the heavily
defended corridor. Dont forget the health pack in the defender
spawn room once you're up there!

gundeckautogunsafe.jpg (43Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Once you have hammered up you can follow one of these two routes
to avoid activating the autoguns. If they're already activated
they'll turn you into a leaky peice of meat ;)
compresstospawn.jpg (20Kb) *** [2000-08-26] Jump past defenders scrambling to cover the upper levels. Hard jump to get right and only an option when you actually go down below to take out the compressor. levelup.jpg (30Kb) [2000-08-26] Possibly hammer past a defender or two, but the loss of life isnt quite worth it. Consider launching from land instead. frigatehammer.jpg (38Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26] AFAIK only works when running backwards. Everyone knows about it. A true classic amongst assault tricks. Beware of defenders on the deck since its quite often guarded. killedbygunhammer.jpg (40Kb) [2000-08-26] Lots of cons with this one: lots of defenders, autogun, can get stuck on autogun unless you get it right. Easily kills you if you dont have the armor. Last updated: August 26th, 2000