You CAN hammer up to the roofs on ALL cars. It just
requires a bit of extra timing to do the jump while standing
still between two cars. And dont jump at the center, instead
jump up on the edges where the roof is lower. Also consider
that the roof on the forward cars stick out and you'll hit
your head on if you try and jump too far forward.

healthhammer.jpg (18Kb) *** [2000-09-21]
Hammer up to get the megahealth and the flak gun. If the megahealth
has been taken already, dont.

acidhammer.jpg (20Kb) *** [2000-09-21]
Hammer up on top of the acid tank. Since you cant jump over the gap
between the acid tank and car 3 without boots or hammering, this is
only useful if you want the shieldbelt. Afterwards you can drop down
and get the 2 health-kits on the far end of the acid tank car.

car3hammer.jpg (20Kb) *** [2000-09-21]
Hammer up on top of car 3. If you're lucky you can sneak past the
autogun on the edge of the roof to the far left. Otherwise you're dead.

car2fastjump.jpg (22Kb) [2000-09-21]
Jump out the door on car2 and get to the roof. Chasing defenders
dont stand a chance of following. Requires good timing and can be
done with either jumpboots or by hammering up.

car1hammer.jpg (28Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
Even if you dont have boots you can get up on the ledges very
quickly by hammering up.

car1dodging.jpg (38Kb) [2000-08-26]
Dont be shy of cutting across the platform to evade rocket fire,
etc. Its a good way to evade and confuse scrambling defenders.

Last updated: September 23rd, 2000