razorgem.jpg (16Kb) [2000-09-21]
It is possible to shoot razors under the door to destroy the
gem. Apparently doing it this way also causes the front doors
to open!

mazonhammer.jpg (31Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
Hard to get right every time but this one gives an incredible
advantage once you can do it. Beware of defenders guarding
specifically for jumpers...

gemsniper.jpg (27Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
Once the reactor room is open you can snipe the gem from this
position in the far corner above the armor. Defenders dont check
here if they dont know about it.

hammertochains.jpg (48Kb) HOT! ***[2000-08-26]
An optional route for a single person to get to the chains
in a hurry. This will suck up health but might be worth it
since defenders might not yet be in position at the chains.
Also eliminates the chance of being squashed by the rocks
falling outside the castle and the autoguns shooting you.

hammerbychains.jpg (46Kb) [2000-08-26]
If you want to worry the defence you can hammer up here instead
of hammering at the gate. Should also be rather unexpected by
defence at the reactor room switch if the chains havent been
destroyet yet. Should be trivial to openthe front gate if you
get away with this hammer jump.

windowjumping.jpg (43Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Shave off half a second of running time after hammering up by
the chains by jumping through the windows. This could also
throw off defenders chasing you. Jump "A" gains you the most
time. Making both jumps is probably slower than making just
one but if you practise...

ramphammer.jpg (53Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
Three ways of hammering up from the ramp. The middle way
straight up to the switch is ofcourse the most effective
but it might also be very heavily defended.

Last updated: September 21st, 2000