autogunsafe.jpg (47Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Shows the area on the beach where the autogun wont activate.
If the autogun IS activated it WILL shoot you even tho you may
be in the safe area. Do NOT shoot the autogun since that will
also activate it (DOH!). Whole teams can hammer up over the
beachhead here without getting shot by the autogun.

bannershot.jpg (32Kb) HOT! [2000-08-26]
Where to aim to finish the level with a single enforcer shot.
ANY weapon works, not just the flak gun. Actually the flak gun
is the worst choice since its harder to hit the active spot with
it. Another bad choice is the rocket launcher (I dont know why).
Good choices are chaingun (best), sniper rifle or enforcer.

lurkledge.jpg (30Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Defenders can lurk on this ledge to get a nice headshot or back-
shot on unknowing attackers... Lobbing grenades straight down
gives you a nice vantage point since they cant blow you away with
the flak gun until they come up and out of the tunnel -- if they
ever get that far.

The following two are more or less obsoleted by the banner-
shooting but its an option worth bearing in mind:

cavehammer.jpg (21Kb) [2000-08-26]
Hard to perform with defenders around and requires an armor.
First hammer up to the "sniper ledge" above the door, then
another hammer jump over to the walkway. You will be left with
very little health to combat any remaining defenders up there.

hammertogun.jpg (25Kb) *** [2000-08-26]
Hammer up to the rear of the gun, backpaddle and then jump
over to the walkway. Needless to say, you shouldnt try this
unless you actually have the health required for the hammer
jump (54). Take into account defenders spraying rockets around
aswell and you might pull it off.

Last updated: August 26th, 2000