Anarchy Online is the online game I have played the longest, since september 2001.

Various significant screenshots that I have collected over the years:

Kodak moment when my first character Jereziah reached Level 200. Present on the occasion (in the picture) was Fabouille, Tyranadon, (me), Vera101 and Aragoran.

The Beast, the biggest, baddest, fattest monster in Anarchy Online currently.

This just shows what happens when you combine free accounts with internet stupidity.

This event is when four of us finally got around to dinging our characters Level 220. The four: Agma, Pionia, Rioz and Simmith. The two latter are both my characters.

This is an old screenshot of a bunch of friends fighting a so called "pocketboss" by the name of Sampsa.

As far as I know, Jereziah (me, my character) is the only Neutral that has not died at Tarasque, ever. This is screenshots of my visit once, a long long time ago.

Land control towers in Anarchy Online (Notum Wars):

Along the Rivers Edge, in Varmint Woods is an example of a large base. The control tower is in the upper middle-right where it is easier to get to quick by people not in the guild. Clusters of towers have been built at the far edges of the base, forcing attackers to run around more. Since at lower levels run speed is still low enough to cause a slow-down. More time spent running means less time spent destroying towers. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible for attackers to destroy all towers. Placing an odd low level tower (~25-30) in a cluster of higher level (~40-45) forces the attackers to be of more varied levels, not any one twink is enough to destroy the whole base. Also note that spreading towers out evenly is not the best, but putting them in clusters with long eventless run distances between.

Rhino Hills, in Varmint Woods is an example of a small base. The small size doesnt make it possible to cause delays for attackers by spreading out the towers so here they are packed as tight as possible. Its still a good thing to put in a low QL tower here and there to try to force attackers to be of different levels.

This is about the tightest formation of towers I have been able to place.

Nudity patch for Anarchy Online