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July 5, 2012.
These days it seems like politicians are more concerned about getting power, making money and getting reelected, than political ideas and agendas. Politicians are changing their personal beliefs to get more votes. This might not be so bad in the developed world but in the developing world it just makes the whole country stand still. Politicians that want more power needs to realize that in a developed country they would have more power, more money, but for a developing country to get there, THEY (the politicians) needs to work hard to bring the country forward. If they just fight over their currently meager assets they will just keep being a developing country and their assets will keep being meager. Its like a catch 22.

In an ideal world, people in power would want good things for their people. But in reality it seems that power corrupts. More easily the less people around you have. If you get something (like power, or money), you want to keep it and will do almost anything to keep it...


April 9, 2012.
Over the past few years I have used a lot of mobile phones. Partly because I have used local SIMs in some of my travels, like Ghana and Thailand. For that I needed extra phones apart from my normal swedish phone and so I had to buy extra phones or bring along unused ones.

* Sony Ericsson Elm, this phone has pretty much everything I can wish for but the shape just feels wrong. My phone also developed a fault before I had time to use it much. I also made the mistake of getting it through my phone company and thus it is preloaded with a useless soccer application that I never used and am unable to get rid of.

* Sony Ericsson J105 Naite, very good phone, very light, but lacks GPS and the camera (2 megapixels) could be a bit better.

* LG GR500 Xenon, mediocre phone, but good volume on phonecalls.

* Tecno HD11, this one I call my chinese crapphone. But its pretty good actually, heavy though. 2 SIMs, phonebook is limiting.

* Tecno T380, only used it for a few days but it seemed ok. 2 SIMs, but the display is too small and the phonebook is limiting. Cheap though, only around 25€ or $32USD.

June 12, 2011.
Two days ago my father and I made the final decision to make a two week trip to Thailand. So I purchased the tickets (cheap) and now Im trying to arrange for a nice hotel. I think I have found a good one, its three stars and not too expensive. While I am in Thailand im also thinking about going over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to visit my uncle and get another flag in my window and on my travel backpack.


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