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June 12, 2011.
Two days ago my father and I made the final decision to make a two week trip to Thailand. So I purchased the tickets (cheap) and now Im trying to arrange for a nice hotel. I think I have found a good one, its three stars and not too expensive. While I am in Thailand im also thinking about going over to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to visit my uncle and get another flag in my window and on my travel backpack.

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It is not a matter of sypamthy for anyone, it s about deliver the right information, the complete information of how things are developed and why did developed the way it did,people have to obey laws, that is why the sistem works you like it or not, 120 people of a 5000 living in this island, going agaist the law, thinking that they can do whatever they want is a human right violation agaist the rest of us that want to live in peace, that s why we have a goverment, so dont give me that crap of "use of guns on a civilian population" because they are not a part of the civilian population in this place.get better informed in the first place
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