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November 24, 2003.
Went to the nearby regional hospital to take a sample of spinal fluid to investigate for signs of MS. During the procedure I almost faint (I think). I have never ever fainted so Im not sure what happened. All I could say was "something is happening". Shortly after the MS diagnosis is confirmed (an increased count of white blood cells in the spinal fluid, indication of immune system activity in the spinal cord).

February 5, 2003.
Asperger syndrome confirmed by the LSS unit.

November 18, 2002.
First meeting with a psychologist at the LSS unit, investigating possible Asperger syndrome diagnosis.

September 3, 2002.
Examination at the regional hospital (it's just up the hill from where I live) using MRI.

July 19-21, 2002.
The yearly festivities at Kimramåla.

June 6, 2002.
First visit to the local clinic regarding the symptoms of MS (I didnt know it was MS at the time). Doctor claims nothing is wrong with me that some exercise wouldnt cure (I think this is their policy).

June 1, 2002.
First appearance of the weird symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis. The following week and a half I suffer from poor balance and lack of taste on my right halve of the tongue (making everything taste really disgusting). All of the symptoms never really wear off, at its best after the beginning is around september when the only thing happening is my left leg going limp for a second or two every few minutes when Im out walking.

November 17, 2001.
My first character in Anarchy Online is created: Jereziah.

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