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May 22, 2011.
Yesterday I came home from a few days at the hospital. During my last trip to Ghana I contracted malaria, which wasnt bad at all at the time. When I came home I started getting unexplicable fevers and vomited sometimes. I went to hospital many times but they never could figure out what was wrong. In the end they thought it was a CMV infection.

A couple of weeks later they called me and said they had found malaria in one of my blood samples and asked me to come in for treatment. They had me laying in a hospital bed for 3 nights just so they could give me some tablets of Malerone and the doctor "felt" like I should have some IV fluids also. Because of the IV I was peeing pretty much non-stop for the whole stay.

One of the things I question is if they were right about the type of malaria, P. falciparum which is supposed to be the most aggressive kind. Before I went in to the hospital I was feeling 100% healthy and the preceeding month I mostly just had "normal" fever around 37-39 deg C and occasional vomiting. If falciparum is supposed to be badass I would have expected to feel worse.

Dec 3, 2010 - Feb 19, 2011.
A long pleasant winter stay in Ghana (it wasnt winter in Ghana ofcourse). Although in retrospect I came home a month early, it was still too cold, but that was because my mother had her 60th birthday and she wanted me to attend.

August 13th, 2010.
The society in question is ofcourse Sweden. You can read more about it here.


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