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May 24th, 2009.
I have an interest in the election process for the european union parliament. I intend to exercise my right to vote and the time now nears. The official voting day is on Sunday, June 7th and I intend to cast my vote for the swedish pirate party.

The latest polls vary their numbers but it looks like PP will get 1 or 2 seats in the european parliament. From sweden alone, I dont know if any other countries holds election for EU at the same time as us. Some of the polls even suggest PP might become the 3rd biggest party from sweden.

I am however a bit concerned or worried about recent complaints about election cheating in some locations. Though, my home town should be one of the strongholds for PP since it is a big town and a university town as well.

I hope we make a significant impact on EU and I hope success is carried onwards to the national elections in 2010.

May 13th, 2009.
Come october 8th I will once again travel down to the african continent to the country known as Ghana. I will wash them clean with my godly apparition of blazing glory. This time around the tickets are cheaper (from 12400SEK down to 8700SEK). Perhaps I will get to spend my money on more entertaining things this time around. My father is going with me and he and I have thought up a little plan about going up north in Ghana to a national park where there might be some more traditional "Africa" to see (elephants, etc). Then as that park is quite close to the border we might continue to Burkina Faso (country just north of Ghana).

Vi veri universum vivus vici.

Just thinking about the visa requirements for travelling to Ghana. They are a bit on the nutty side. Like, 4 copies of the application must be sent in, including a photograph for each. And the only method of payment, apart from going down to the embassy (in denmark), is by cheque and for that they charge an extra fee of 75-100DKK. Their info also states that you can pay with international mail cupons.. only problem is, those havent been available for the last 10 years or so. Their messed up procedure still seems stuck in the 90s. Hopefully they will join the 21st century soon. Even a country like Vietnam you can apply for visa online. Bah...

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