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May 29th, 2008.
Yesterday I finished reading this book. 642 pages in about 14 hours. Its an english book, lately it seems Ive become more interested in reading english books instead of swedish translations. This book was part of a trilogy, the first book was good, the second book a bit "meh", the third book was "meh" in the beginning and pretty ok in the end. My mother had bought me the first book on a trip to London a while back. I bought the other two through mailorder after I had read the first one.

May 27th, 2008.
Nice warm weather outside. The sun is shining against my livingroom but is blocked by bushes, making it glow a really nice green. Had to throw away one of my plants today, over the past few days it had withered away and today the final three leaves had withered away. It was a red plant, a Begonia Rex. All the green plants seems to thrive and do well. I wonder how long it will be before the next one croaks..

May 19th, 2008.
Looking around Slashdot Ive seen some new stories about secure code and whatnot. Following the links around and reading more Im reminded about a bug I revealed back in 2000 called unsafe tempfile redirects. In some of the reports generate by that an australian professor is credited with the discovery, not me. I had an email exchange with him around mid october 2007, just thought Id share it with you. It turned out this Gordon fella submitted a bundle of bugs to Sun (the vendor) and CERT in the summer of 1991. However, the common practise in those days was to bury your head in the sand and pretend like the problem didnt exist. Me on the other hand, publically announced the problem in 2000 and hardly more than a day passed before it was fixed by most vendors. The difference as you can see is that Gordon never made it public but I did. Still most sources credit him with the discovery. Eh, go figure. Its fixed now anyways.

April 22nd, 2008.
Today I went out to try and walk a bit (with crutch). I managed to walk for maybe 300-400 meters, I guess I could have gone further but I was so worn out then that it might have been hazardous (falling and such..). The thing that happens is that my left leg and foot stops working pretty quick, making them drag against the ground. I cant really lift them since they are almost entirely paralyzed, so my body leans over to the right against the crutch and that wears out my right hand since it has to support most of my weight. I cant use a crutch in left hand because of it being paralyzed aswell.

Around the 22nd I got sick, it later showed to be a dead infected tooth. I went to the dentist, emergency call, around the 26th and she cleaned out the worst and gave me a recipe for antibiotics to eat for 14 days. The night after I was at the dentist a big puss-filled bladder formed under my lip. Not exactly pleasurable. I called medical info hotline but they said there was nothing I could do except go back to the dentist for another emergency visit. I didnt really feel up to that so that night I punctured the bladder myself. The stuff that oozed out did not look nice... Anyways, after that I got well pretty quick again. Still, not a nice christmas and not a nice birthday. Second week after newyears I tossed out the christmas tree also. Yep, indeed I had a chistmas tree this year. Pretty nice except it would have been nicer if I hadnt gotten sick.

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