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October 19, 2007.
This animation was made by me and some friends and presented at The Party in 1999. It was placed as #7 in a WiLD competition with 18 entries. My contribution was pretty small. I uploaded it to Youtube today. Click here to see the animation.


October 15, 2007.
Over the weekend I had some of my buddies over for a little get-together. We talked, viewed demos, animation and youtube videos. And ofcourse we gorged pizza and soft-drinks. They went out to town on friday night and I wasnt along for that one. One of them, Jonas, came home an hour after midnight feeling sick after having too much beer. Ola came home just before 5 AM. Saturday we spent doing the above things. Also watched a movie out of my collection, Saving Private Ryan. My cousin Martin came over for a few hours on saturday night. Martin went home again around 3 AM and Ola and Jonas left on sunday around noon.

October 4, 2007.


September 18, 2007.
This morning when I woke up, I turned on the light at my bed as usual and then went on to my ceiling lamp to turn that on. When I hit the switch a pretty large *POOF* like when a light bulb goes, only louder. It turned out just one light bulb had blown, plus the fuse in the fusebox. Half my bedroom and the hallway operates on the same fuse so, computer didnt have power, my main phone didnt have power, hallway didnt have light (thats where the fusebox is). I called for help on my cordless phone (Im not climbing a chair to replace the fuse myself, being disabled, Im not suicidal). It all got fixed pretty quick. And that was todays adventure. Imagine what a little fuse can do eh?

September 11, 2007.
Before the weekend I received the final descision from the municipaly regarding my application for a personal assistant. In it they write 27 hours per week. Its something I will discuss with two persons from LSS who will visit on thursday.

Today I purchased a 0,5L bottle of coke. The first coke in about 2-3 years. I bought a bunch of candy too but I only eat candy in front of the TV so it will last a while.

I touched up on the php for this blog script also, tieing it to the forum login so that only one password is needed for both services.

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