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September 4, 2007.
13:30 I had an appointment with a person from the local municipality (sv: kommun) to talk about my application for a personal assistant. Her estimate was that I could need help from a personal assistant about 30 hours per week. We discussed a draft of the final decision.

September 1, 2007.
(Saturday) Went to the cinema with my sister and her man to watch Shrek the Third (english speech version). Eledgedly the swedish dub sucked/sucks, tho it seems a large horde of parents with minors went into a different room to watch it. The movie premiered on friday.

December, 2006.
They start me on a new medicine called Tysabri. Intended to lessen the impact of MS outbreaks. Once a month I go to the hospital where they stick a needle in me and feed me some of this medicine intravenously. The whole thing takes about 2 hours (+ travelling time).

October, 2006.
Moved to a new apartment, leaving my old 28m³ apartment and moving into a comfortable 51m³ 2-room apartment. My family helped me move all the old crap over. I took the opportunity to get rid of some old computers and other garbage. I still have several computers:

July 14-16, 2006.
Yearly festivities at Kimramåla.

July 8, 2006.
My best friend Ola gets married at his family estate Kimramåla. Wedding dinner consists of fish (sv: marulk), asparagus, rice, white wine. I taste a little bit of white wine but dont like it. Too strong and too much alcohol.

July 16-18, 2004.
The yearly festivities at Kimramåla.

December, 2003.
Second outbreak of MS, begins in early december and wears off mostly in mid january. This time my vision becomes unfocused, making it hard to focus anything further away so I tend to walk around looking at my feet. I also lose all hearing on my right ear, it comes back in january though, but not entirely.

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