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February 7th, 2010.
My second trip to Ghana went well, I came home to boring old Sweden again a few weeks before the snow started falling. Entered the airport in Ghana experiencing a nice warm 29°C and exited the plane in Sweden at a chilling 3°C. I was still wearing my shorts from Ghana at the time so the trip home was a bit cold. In retrospect the 12 days we spent there was a bit short, next time I will have to go for at least 3 weeks. During my stay I took over 1,000 pictures but not many of them were significant. I remember sitting in a car and just snapping picture after picture out the window while we traveled.

My next trip starts on March the 3rd when I am departing for New Zealand to meet friends and family. Right now winter is cold, dark and snowy here in Sweden so it will be a nice break to go to New Zealand (its summer there). On the way down we are changing planes in Hong Kong and on the way back we are stopping for 3 nights in Malaysia. The trip will last 26 days in all so it will be a long one (we will not be home until March the 30th), but I think I will be ok.

Thank God! Soenome with brains speaks!