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June 18, 2010.
After coming home from New Zealand I got a bit impatient and decided I would go to Ghana again (for a third time). All of the preparations were finalized around the 23rd-24th of april (bought the plane ticket then) and we lifted off from Linköping airport on the 28th of april. My regular assistant accompanied me for the first week after which she went home while I stayed. About two weeks I spent alone there at the beach and I only got a bit of sunburn once. On may the 20th my father arrived to spend a week down there with me. On may 28th we both lifted off for the journey home. All in all a pretty good trip although the food is always a bit complicated. I cant eat their spicy food and they pretty much drown everything they make in strong spices.

Once I made it back home (alive) I was stuck with no internet. Before I went to New Zealand I got upset with my service provider (Comhem) and cancelled the account. There is a 3 month period period before the account expires and so the service wasnt closed until april 30th. So when I arrived back home I still had not signed up for a new service provider. I did that right away but it took an agonizing 2 weeks for them to connect me (ADSL). I hope this provider will be good and last though. Now my ISP is Bahnhof.

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February 7th, 2010.
My second trip to Ghana went well, I came home to boring old Sweden again a few weeks before the snow started falling. Entered the airport in Ghana experiencing a nice warm 29°C and exited the plane in Sweden at a chilling 3°C. I was still wearing my shorts from Ghana at the time so the trip home was a bit cold. In retrospect the 12 days we spent there was a bit short, next time I will have to go for at least 3 weeks. During my stay I took over 1,000 pictures but not many of them were significant. I remember sitting in a car and just snapping picture after picture out the window while we traveled.

My next trip starts on March the 3rd when I am departing for New Zealand to meet friends and family. Right now winter is cold, dark and snowy here in Sweden so it will be a nice break to go to New Zealand (its summer there). On the way down we are changing planes in Hong Kong and on the way back we are stopping for 3 nights in Malaysia. The trip will last 26 days in all so it will be a long one (we will not be home until March the 30th), but I think I will be ok.

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January 1, 2010.
Happy New Year 2010!
(Swedish) Gott nytt år
(Norwegian) Godt nytt år
(French) Joyeuse année
(Indonesian) Selamat tahun baru
(Serbian) Sretan nova godina
(German) Gutes neues jahr

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September 13, 2009.
Today is "only" 24 days left until my second trip to Ghana, Africa. Im quite looking forward to it, counting the days even. I am going there with my father, he is currently in south-america (he travels alot). Hopefully this time I can have more fun in the 12 days I am there. Soon I will have to start packing and preparing. Fun, fun, fun.... so impatient...

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