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Tritanium Pyerite Recently Requested Items:
Minmatar Shuttle
Mexallon Isogen
Nocxium Zydrine
Megacyte Morphite
Fetch data from EVE Online Itemdatabase [?]To use this feature, browse to the page of the item in the official EVE Item database, copy the URL of the page and enter it here and press "Get". The item information will be retreived and ME calculations for that item will be presented.
Currently only common mineral requirements can be calculated, not Tech 2 items.
Example: (425mm Carbide Railgun I)

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Ideal Building Materials:



Capital Armor Plates4001,732,166,400
Capital Capacitor Battery4001,488,300,400
Capital Clone Vat Bay5002,879,813,500
Capital Computer System3001,236,976,200
Capital Construction Parts5001,730,925,000
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay5002,778,608,500
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount5003,625,155,000
Capital Drone Bay5001,524,020,000
Capital Jump Bridge Array5005,145,022,000
Capital Jump Drive5002,939,557,000
Capital Power Generator200919,041,400
Capital Propulsion Engine3001,249,278,300
Capital Sensor Cluster3001,225,168,500
Capital Shield Emitter200886,533,000
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay5002,823,509,500
Capital Turret Hardpoint4001,983,228,800
Total Value of materials: 34,167,303,500.00 ISK

Show ME in table:

ME Level % waste Loss Value Total Cost
010.00% -3,416,730,350.00 37,584,033,850.00
15.00% -1,708,365,175.00 35,875,668,675.00
23.33% -1,153,214,068.00 35,320,517,568.00
32.50% -883,814,903.00 35,051,118,403.00
42.00% -683,346,070.00 34,850,649,570.00
51.67% -555,151,107.00 34,722,454,607.00
100.91% -341,673,035.00 34,508,976,535.00
150.63% -213,478,072.00 34,380,781,572.00
200.48% -141,204,202.00 34,308,507,702.00
250.38% -141,204,202.00 34,308,507,702.00
500.20% -72,273,870.00 34,239,577,370.00
750.13% -59,902,460.00 34,227,205,960.00
1000.10% none 34,167,303,500.00
2000.05% none 34,167,303,500.00
5000.02% none 34,167,303,500.00
1,0000.01% none 34,167,303,500.00