The tricks marked with *** are then ones that I've figured
out on my own. Other people might have figured them out aswell
but its an indication that I dont "steal" everything.

HOT! tricks should be staple for anyone who are serious about
winning in AS. This is an objective attempt at rating the
usefulness of a trick and your view might not agree with mine.

You should not email me to be credited a trick since there is
no way of verifying the origin of a certain trick.

Hammer Alias
Since a lot of these tricks requires good hammering skills, you
may find this alias handy:

Aliases[xx]=(Command="GetWeapon ImpactHammer | Fire | Toggle bFire | Jump",Alias=MaxHammer)

Replace one of your free Aliases with this one. Using it is simple,
just activate once to charge up the hammer, then press again to jump.
I've personally tied this alias to the key 'F' which is right next to
my movement keys (A,S,D,X).

Ok, now on to the specific maps for the tricks:

AS-Frigate [8] [2000-08-26]
AS-Guardia [1] [2000-09-21]
AS-HiSpeed [6] [2000-09-23]
AS-Mazon [7] [2000-09-21]
AS-OceanFloor [2] [2000-08-26]
AS-OverLord [5] [2000-08-26]
AS-Rook [1] [2000-09-21]

Speech numbers [2000-09-23]
Small list of numbers to use with the speech command when you want
to bind certain keys to voice messages.

Saving the best for last, here is my own `little' level;

Its still not finished but its playable. Probably more playable in network
play than singleplayer. I also included a new soundtrack in it. Try it out
and send me some clues about whats good and whats not.

Download (730Kb)

Last updated: November 23, 2000