Welcome to the world of Joonicks

Anarchy Online
Collected thoughts and alot of screenshots of Anarchy Online.

EVE Online Toolkit
Simple tools useful when playing EVE Online.

Pioneer Play.
Pioneer Play is an open source space game in the spirit of Elite, Elite 2: Frontier and Frontier: First encounters.

Amazing things
Rendering artwork in Povray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer).

Unreal Tournament
Once upon a time I used to play Unreal Tournament (around the year 2000). These were some of the strategies I used to employ. Obsolete now, but eh, this server has plenty of room.

Movie Collection
I have now collected a few movies. Some I want to have, some others that I bought just in passing by.

Bizarre Sources
Earlier works of code. Mix of simple, small, secure, fun, silly, etc.

Vote on anything and everything
A wide variety of topics you can vote on.

If you have anything to say, say it on the forum. Someone might be listening.

My personal Weblog if you like
Personal comments, ramblings and events. No guarantee its complete.

Politically Incorrect Cripple
More personal comments, ramblings and opinions.

Bizarre Electronics
A weblog about electronics, microcontrollers, computers, single board computers, etc.

Links to places worth mentioning.

The EnergyMech project.